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Aspie Service Dog

A follower asks: "Does your service dog go with you everywhere?"

Abby responds to her follower in the video below about "Annie," our autistic service dog.

Also, to clarify, there is a difference between a therapy dog and a service dog - and Annie has been both!.  Even Abby gets these terms confused!

  • Service Dog:  a dog that has been trained to do specific jobs or chores to assist it's owner with a problematic task or behavior.
  • Therapy Dog:  a dog that has been trained to accompany a specific handler on trips to visit people in need of comfort and love.  Therapy dogs often visit hospitals, senior centers, and juvenile detention centers.


Learn more about how "Annie" became a therapy dog, followed by being a service dog for us, and THEN became an aspie, herself, in my blog:  "Autistic Dog:  How "Annie" became an aspie herself."