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One of the hallmark features of Aspergers is a poor social filter.

What does this mean? Aspies pretty much put it all out there!  Whatever they’re thinking, they say it!  They show it on their face!  They react with their bodies!  As you can imagine, this can be a problem.  Think of the little kid in the grocery story that blurts out, “Mommy, that lady is FAT!”  Well, there you go…but from a 10 year old…or a 16 year old…or even an adult aspie…it’s a big problem! Fortunately, some aspies learn, over time, to filter their comments and reactions.  However, facial expressions are perhaps the hardest thing to master.

An aspie may learn not to SAY anything out loud, but his/her facial expression may still SAY IT ALL!

Recently Abby shared with me that she has a strategy for managing her outward facial expressions.  She calls it her “Inside Face/Outside Face,” strategy.  If you have an aspie (or ARE an aspie) that struggles with this, I highly recommend you watch her video explaining how this works!  I really think she can help you!