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What’s in a joke?

Abby is actually very funny and has a great sense of humor. However, like many other aspies, she can sometimes be a very literal thinker, and often has difficulty understanding a joke, cliches, or innuendo.

This can contribute to very awkward moments, socially, and is often what contributes to others making fun of aspies.  Sometimes when we explain the meanings to Abby, she will cackle with understanding, but other times, she flips her hand in the air and says, “whatever – I don’t get it.”  She doesn’t get upset over these moments, and usually seems to think we are a little cuckoo.  Sadly, other aspies can feel very anxious about these misunderstandings, and the moment can be very tense for everyone involved. Fortunately for us, and for Abby, we are a family that laughs at ourselves – Abby has embraced humor as a way to deal with life when it gets complicated.

Try to watch this one without laughing.  🙂