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By: Abby, Tween with Asperger’s (High Functioning Autism)

Lying and sneakingMinecraft

Over the years, I’ve struggled with being responsible with devices. I would get obsessed with the device and end up sneaking it, which would eventually cost me a few weeks of no devices.   Because I’m an aspie, I have a very hard time lying and my Mom can tell if I’m trying to lie.  Sometimes I even tell on myself because I can’t stand it!

I remember one period of time when I got the game, Minecraft. A lot of my friends and my brother’s friends had the game, and it seemed like a fun game, so we wanted to give it a shot. We really loved the game, and thought it was super fun, but we weren’t expecting it to literally take over us.  Soon, we started loving the game so much, that we decided to sneak the game, and to play it at night, when we should be in bed. We came up with some sneaky ways to do it, but when mom and dad found out, we got in BIG trouble.

Bye Bye outdoor play

Two houses down the street from our house, there were some other kids who also LOVED Minecraft, but before we or they got Minecraft, we would go out into the woods behind our house and play. We had fake weapons and even built this awesome fort. We played out there almost everyday, but then, we all got Minecraft. One day, soon after they got Minecraft, my brother and I went down to play with them. We knocked on their door and their mom answered the door. “ Can we play outside?”  Their mom answered that they were downstairs playing Minecraft. So my brother  and I went downstairs and sure enough, they were playing Minecraft.

“ Hey guys let’s go outside and play!” I said.

“ Nah, I want to play Minecraft.” one of them said.

“ Yeah, I wanna play Minecraft!” the other exclaimed.

My brother and I were disappointed, but we stayed anyway and watched them play Minecraft.

It was that day that everything changed. Almost everyday when we went down to play with them, all they wanted to do was play Minecraft. Days of playing in the woods days grew less and less while days playing Minecraft days grew greater.  Soon our friends never came to our door asking to play – we would have to go down to their house to play with them, but then again, all they wanted to do was play Minecraft.  Aidan and I were sad and that’s how we were, when Aidan and I got Minecraft. We got extremely addicted to it and that’s when we understood why our friends just wanted to play Minecraft.

Unfortunately, Aidan and I started playing Minecraft again at our friends’ house.  We told our Mom and Dad that we were “playing” when really, we were playing Minecraft on their x box.  It took a very long time before mom and dad found out, but when they did, we were in HUGE trouble.  It was SO hard for me to lie all that time, but THAT is how badly I was addicted to Minecraft!!

Bye Bye friends

That’s when my mom, dad, my brother and I teamed up to stop this Minecraft madness. It was so hard, and felt like torture to my brother and I, but we made it through, and now, Minecraft is at the back of our thoughts.   Unfortunately, our friends never stopped playing Minecraft, and we barely ever saw them again.  They just didn’t want to do anything but Minecraft.  We were so worried about them, and are sad that we lost friends over a video game!