Jodi L. Carlton, M.Ed.

Jodi L. Carlton, M.Ed.

Founder, Director, Aspie Spot.... MOM

I’ll share with you what I’ve figured out so far.

This blog is:

MY PERSONAL STORY as the mother of a child with Aspergers.

Abby’s struggles and victories – FROM MY PERSPECTIVE.

BE WARNED!  Laughter is my personal medicine.

I invite you to LAUGH with me.

Mama Bear is NOT happy.

Here's the backstory: Abby broke her finger.  For those of you who are new to Aspie Spot, Abby is my teen daughter, a 7th grader at the moment, who...

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When Communication is a Barrier and Not a Bridge

  Language is Meant to Connect Humans are not alone in our use of language to communicate.  Although our use of spoken language is very advanced, other animals use all kinds of sounds, and body movements, to interact and express thoughts, intentions, and even...

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The Doctor Asked “Do you have any stress in your life…?”

Does Anyone Ever Say No?
Today, I went to see a neurologist who is a headache specialist in the hopes that she can help with the migraines and tension headaches that have become a part of my daily routine. As she went over my medical history, she came to the standard question that most docs ask: “Do you have any stress in your life?”

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Autism Moms, Combat Soldiers, and Holocaust Survivors

To Fight the Tiger or RUN?!? In 2010, The Journal of Autism Developmental Disorders published a study out of the University of Wisconsin-Madison that examined the stress levels of mothers who have children on the autism spectrum.  They did this by measuring the...

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Aspie Speak – When talking is a 2nd language

Aspie Language = Images One day when Abby was about 6 years old, we had a conversation about how a book is written.  She happily piped up, "Well, first the illustrator draws the pictures, and then the author writes a story about them!"  Even though I chuckled, it was...

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5 ways to Guest Blog on Aspie Spot

5 ways to be a GUEST writer Are you an aspie?  The parent of an aspie?  A professional working with aspies?  A teacher?  We'd love to hear your stories and advice!!  Here are some ways to become a guest writer for us. Visit our guest blogs page and submit your idea...

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Sensory Swing: We love our “rocket swing!”

Sensory swing: Product Review Abby and Aidan LOVE this swing from IKEA!  They call it their "rocket swing."  If you have sensory seekers, you'll need to install it with heavy duty hooks.  My kiddos push each other so high that they will be parallel to the ground!...

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Torn between what could’ve been and what is

As a parent of a child with special needs, I often find myself wondering what "could've been."  Yet, at the same time, I love my aspie Abby just the way she is!  It's a never ending struggle. My fellow autism blogger, Carrie Cariello, captured this paradox of emotion...

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5 ways to Know Someone with Asperger’s Loves You

Being in a relationship with an aspie can be tough - for both of you.  People with Asperger's (High Functioning Autism) and those without it typically communicate and express love or affection in very different ways.  Often, the ones without Asperger's wind up feeling...

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5 ways to CAUSE an Aspie Meltdown

What is an aspie meltdown? Aspie meltdowns can consist of screaming, yelling, rocking, withdrawing, flapping arms, flopping on the floor, crying, hyperventilating, singing, jumping, head banging, and much, much more.  An aspie meltdown is not favorable for anyone...

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5 ways to Avoid Aspie Meltdowns

Aspie meltdowns are usually an overload of the sensory system.  Meltdowns are NOT temper tantrums although they may look like one.  Explore the difference in my article, "5 ways to Spot an Aspie Meltdown (versus a temper tantrum)." Avoiding Aspie Meltdowns: Routine:...

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Aspie Expectations: People will do the right thing…right?

Aspie Expectations: when social scripts need revising  Aspie Social Script:  Adults will honor their commitments Boy oh boy are we disappointed here! If you've seen our post Autistic Savant, you'll know that Abby is an aspie musical savant, who has been singing since...

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Autistic savant: music was Abby’s pathway to language

What on earth is an autistic savant? Many of you will be old enough to remember the movie that put the word "autism" on the map, starring Tom Cruise:  "Rain Man."  If you haven't seen it, you should.  Dustin Hoffman portrays a character with moderate autism, and he...

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Autistic Dog: “Annie” is an aspie?!

Family pet, therapy dog, service dog, autistic dog...huh?! One of our dogs, "Annie," is a 5 year old border collie that we rescued when she was a year old.  She was adopted to be a family pet, and we fell in love with her immediately!  She had a very calm, loving...

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How to Talk to Others About Your Aspie

"I had no idea!," or "You'd never know!" is the top response I get when I tell someone that Abby is an aspie.  The comments that follow are usually some variation of the following: "She seems completely normal to me!" "Maybe it's just your parenting style." "She just...

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